Fish Pedicure Prompts Woman's Toenails To Fall Off
Fish pedicure has been widely popular in the past few years and even now. However, a recent study showed that the case of a woman who had toenails falling off for months is linked to the treatment.
Little Mix Will Release Their Own Makeup Line Called LMX
Little Mix has proven they got game in the music industry. Of late, the all-girl group announced that their makeup brand, LMX, will be coming out in September.
What Is 'Barbie Feet,' The Trend That's Taking Over Instagram?
Instagram has been filled lately of people opting for the 'Barbie fee' pose. From celebrities to models to influencers, they are using this pose to elongate their legs even more.
KKW Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics May Be Doing Another Collab: Here's What's Known So Far
Kylie Jenner recently shared a throwback photo of her and sister Kim Kardashian on the set of a photo shoot. The caption may have teased that there would be again a collaboration between Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.
Zac Efron's Dreadlocks Draw Mixed Reactions From The Internet
Zac Efron created a loud buzz of late because of his dreadlocks which he showed on his Instagram account. A lot of people gushed over the look, while some cited cultural appropriation.
Here Are The Hidden Risks Of Getting Gel Manicures
There's no wonder why people have been opting gel polish than the regular nail polish. But while the former delivers durability, it has some risks people may not even know about.
Halima Aden's Modeling Contract States That She Wears Her Hijab
Model Halima Aden, who has walked the runway and graced a lot of magazine covers, revealed her contract with IMG. She narrated that she was clear that she has her own condition, that is, she won't be removing her hijab.
Sun Tanning Kids? The Internet Thinks It's A Bad Idea, Slams Jessie James Decker For It
Jessie James Decker is joining the roster of celebrity mothers who are shamed. This was because of a photo of her tanned 4-year-old daughter on Instagram the singer posted, which had since garnered criticisms and praises alike.
This Is The Small But Transformative Change In Gigi Hadid's Makeup
While Gigi Hadid has been on a lot of magazine covers, runways, and billboards, many might not have seen a little but transformative change she made with her look. She is recently choosing softer, more natural-looking eyebrows instead of the full, dark ones.
E! Is Going To Premiere 'Model Squad' During The New York Fashion Week
E!'s 'Model Squad,' a docu-series revolving nine models, including beauty queen Olivia Culpo, will bare what also happens behind the sweet life. The show will air starting Sept. 4 in conjunction with the New York Fashion Week.
These Are The Beauty Products Kaley Cuoco Used For Her Wedding
The 'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco got married recently with Karl Cook in what looked like a fairytale wedding. Everyone raved about the bride's natural, glowy look, and her makeup artist laid out the beauty products used.
Keke Palmer On Embracing Natural Hair: 'We Are Beautiful At All Times But Especially In Our Natural State'
Keke Palmer recently took to social media to underline the need to embrace and love the natural hair. She advised women to celebrate what they naturally have, a statement echoed by a lot of celebrities.
Lucy Hale's Magenta Eyeshadow Is To Die For
Lucy Hale charmed everyone with her magical look for Thursday's affair with Haute Living. The former 'Pretty Little Liars' star matched her magenta eyeshadow and her pink dress.
Meghan Markle's Royal Wardrobe Costs $1 Million, According To Expert
The public saw how elegant Meghan Markle looked with her outfits. Little did people know that her outfits since the announcement of her engagement with Prince Harry have been estimated at $1 million by a royal expert.
Shailene Woodley Says Her 350-Calorie Diet For 'Adrift' Made Her 'F*cking Miserable'
Shailene Woodley had to make preparations for her role in the film 'Adrift.' For some scenes, she had to lose weight drastically and to do this, she just consumed 350 calories a day for two weeks.
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