Anya Taylor-Joy
Critics Choice Awards 2021: How to Get Anya Taylor-Joy’s Old Hollywood Glam Look
Anya Taylor-Joy has once again captivated the hearts of the public with her stunning Dior Haute Couture dress as she sports an old Hollywood makeup look.
Ana De Armas
Bond Girl Ana De Armas Reveals the Beauty Trend that She Regrets the Most
Ana De Armas is spilling all her beauty tips and tricks as well as some of her biggest beauty regrets of all time.
DIY Manicure: 8 Steps To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home
DIY Manicure Tips: 8 Steps To Give Yourself A Long Lasting Nail Job At Home
Getting manicures were a huge part of self-care before Covid-19. Learn how to do a DIY manicure and follow these 8 steps to give yourself a manicure at home.
Martha Stewart
How to Dress like Martha Stewart: Lifestyle Guru Names Her Favorite and Most Hated Fashion Style
Martha Stewart spoke about how she loves wearing tight pants and confessed about her biggest fashion mistake, which is wearing a hot pants.
Men's Grooming: How To Look Good For Zoom Meetings
Men's Grooming: How To Look Good For Zoom Meetings
Covid-19 has made Zoom meetings a norm. For men, here's how to look good for Zoom meetings.
5 DIY Treatments to Fix Hair Coloring Mistakes
How to Fix Bad Hair Dye Job: 5 DIY Treatments
Hair coloring mistakes are a dime a dozen. Here are 5 DIY treatments to fix botched dye jobs at home.
Brow Lamination: How To Achieve Full and Fluffy Brows At Home
Brow Lamination at Home: How To Achieve Full and Fluffy Brows Without Professional Help
Afraid of needles? Skip mmicroblading and try brow lamination. Here's how to achieve full and fluffy brows at home!
Color Correcting Guide For Concealing Skin Imperfections
Color Correcting Guide For Concealing Skin Imperfections
When your skin needs a little help, use this color correcting guide for concealing skin imperfections.
What To Do If You’ve Applied Too Much Blush
3 Things To Do If You’ve Applied Too Much Blush PLUS Basic Application Tips
Overapplying blush happens a lot for the heavy-handed. Here's what to do if you've applied too much blush.
How To Achieve Shadow Root Hair At Home
DIY Shadow Root Hair: How To Achieve Viral Hair Trend At Home
Want a low maintenance but on-trend hair color? Here's how to achieve the viral shadow root hair trend at home.
Feathered Eyebrow
Influencer Reveals Hack to Create Feathered Eyebrows
Beauty influencer Desi Perkins revealed a perfect brow hack that can involve using a brow stencil.
Kendall Jenner
How to Get Kendall Jenner’s Minimalist Valentine’s Day Nails
Kendall Jenner donned Valentine's day themed nails made by the celebrity manicurist Lisa Kon.
How to: Pandemic-Proof Your skin Using 3 Products
How To Pandemic-Proof Your Skin Using 3 Products
There are ways to combat and preserve the skin barriers by using only three elements found in most beauty products.
Fashion Expert Reveals Dress Hacks to Hide Your Tummy
Fashion Experts Reveal Styling Hacks to Hide Your Tummy
Here are five styling hacks to hide your belly fat that will make you feel and look good without even trying.
Biggest Secrets to Look Effortlessly Chic for Date Night this Valentine’s Day
4 Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup Tricks
Here are the tips and secrets to look effortlessly chic and get that unforgettable date you've always imagined.
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