Steps to Make Your Extensions Last Longer
(Photo : Vecteezy / Mariia Akimova)

Hair extensions are a quick way to elevate your hairstyle, but much like other accessories, they might dig into your bank account, especially if you constantly have to replace them. Making them last longer is the key to maintaining your look without having to shell out unnecessarily.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to enhance your hair, but proper care is key to keeping it looking fabulous. Establishing a strict aftercare routine is essential for maintaining the longevity of your extensions, especially when salon visits are less frequent. 

Follow these steps for at-home care to keep your extensions in top shape. These habits will ensure your extensions stay beautiful and manageable, making them a worthwhile investment.

1. Wash your extensions correctly

Use recommended products, avoid sulfates and alcohol, focus shampoo on roots and conditioner on ends, and use warm water. Some experts recommend washing your hair extensions only twice a week to prevent drying them out. 

2. Using products on your hair extensions

Even your hair extensions have different needs, and it depends on the stresses that it is exposed to. If you are constantly using hot tools, it is advisable to use heat protectants, lower heat settings, and take breaks from heat styling. Experts also recommend using products that keep your hair hydrated and avoid drying ingredients. For example, applying oil from mid-shaft to ends to keep hair hydrated. 

You should also mind the coloring product you are using. You can dye extensions darker, but avoid bleaching or lightening them. Another thing to remember is to use styling products sparingly to avoid buildup and damage.

3. Treatments

A weekly conditioning treatment would make your hair extensions last longer and keep them shiny and moisturized.

4. Careful brushing

When brushing your extensions show the same care you would when brushing your hair. Use a quality brush and start at the end. Use gentle brush strokes to avoid pulling it out or causing frizz. Some would use a looped hair extension brush, which is specially designed for combing hair extensions. To avoid matting, make sure that the extension bonds are separate daily.

5. Storage

Experts recommend removing your extensions before sleeping or engaging in sports. If this is not possible, make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry before sleeping.

When not in use, experts recommend storing them in a cool, dry place in their original packaging or airtight container