(Photo : Vecteezy / Bo.kvk)

The deconstructed French manicure is a modern twist on the classic look, offering endless design possibilities.

Deconstructed French Manicure

It focuses on the nail tip but allows for creative shapes, colors, and textures. This trend is perfect for grown-out nails and offers a fresh take on the traditional French manicure. With celebrities and nail artists embracing this look, it is set to be a major nail trend, offering a playful yet chic alternative to the classic style.

The Varieties and Quick Step-by-Step Guides

The deconstructed French manicure offers a wide range of creative possibilities, from simple double French lines to more edgy styles like chrome or cat eye. Now, nail artists demonstrate various techniques, including using stones and gel. This trend allows for endless interpretations, ensuring it remains a staple in nail art for the foreseeable future.

Textured Tips

This style is made by adorning your nails with 3D swirls and other textures of your choice using acrylic and UV lamps. The trick is to limit the 3D designs to the tip only.

First, define which part will only have the 3D texture. A suggestion is to put a base color and fully cure it before continuing to the next step. Then, start putting your chosen 3D textures with clear nail acrylic gel on the tip area using a fine brush to get more defined lines. Dust on holographic powders for emphasis, and cure with a UV lamp to dry. Finish with a clear top coat for that glossy look.

Hearty French Tips

Instead of a straight line, use a heart shape on the tip of your nails. Bonus points if your nails have a pointed shape like stilettos or ovals to make the heart shape obvious. 

To achieve this style, use a rounded brush to make the heart shape. Color until the end of the nail to make it look like the heart is sitting on your nail. 

If you still wish to deconstruct this French mani further, you can use two different tones -- maybe red on the left half of the heart and pink on the right!

Ombré French

(Photo : Vecteezy / Sergii Petruk)

The ombré French manicure is a twist on the classic French, featuring a gradient blend from the tip to the middle of the nail. This style adds a pop of color and can be achieved at home by using a Beautyblender or makeup sponge to dab from the tip to the middle. Simply choose two complementary shades, like Essie Nail Lacquer in Play Date and Zoya Lavender Perfector, for a stylish and unique look. Make sure the pressure of your dabs is heavier on the tip and lighter as it reaches the middle of your nails.

The Abstract

An abstract French manicure deviates from the classic look by playing with the curvature of the tip. This style may feature squiggly lines or two-toned effects, adding a creative twist. For example, using two Chanel polishes, Diva and Immortelle, creates a unique and artistic design. You can either randomly sweep on waves with your brush, or dot on some blobs. If you are using several colors, a good idea would be to let one color dry first before moving on to the next color. Remember that although this type of French tip will not have a straight line, the design should still be limited to the tip.