What are Face Stamps? How to Use
(Photo : Vecteezy / Sebelas Studio)

Trends and looks change as days go by. Face stamps, for example, add flair to your look in a single step by adding cute and dainty beauty marks. 

What are face stamps?

Face stamps are a fun makeup trend inspired by elementary school stamp markers. As its name suggests, it involves using a pre-made shape for stamping and "ink," which in this case is the same material as liquid eyeliner.

These modern stamps often come in double-sided designs, with one end featuring a typical liquid eyeliner and the other a stamp. 

Brands like The Vamp Stamp VaVaVoom Kitten Wing Stamp offer stamps in flick shapes for quick, even winged liners. Coco Coquette Face Stamp and Eye Liner Makeup Pen and Dolls Kill Lookin' Like Heaven Stamp Liner have fun designs like hearts and stars. They're a simple way to add flair to your look.

Although most are using this during the latter part of the year, your spring makeup can use a little stamping action, too.

How to use face stamps

As we've mentioned, using face stamps is so easy, it's effortless.

1. To use face stamps, start by applying them directly to your face or body using the stamp applicator. Gently press the flat part of the stamp onto your skin, ensuring even coverage. If the ink appears light, go over it a second time for a bolder look. When you are ready to remove the stamp, use makeup remover or soap and water. 

A tip to remember before using the stamp on your face is to consider testing it on a small area to understand how it applies and removes. 

Another tip for a more pigmented application is to store the stamp with the desired side facing down for a day before use.

2. Once applied, allow the stamp to dry before blinking to avoid smudging. Use the stamp to add decorative elements to your look, reapplying as needed for your desired effect.

3. Once your stamp is dry, go over these tiny beauty marks with sheer but shiny powder to give a fresh effect for springtime, or bronzing powder for summertime.

4. Face stamps are inked with eyeliner fluid so removing it with makeup remover before your routine face wash will ensure no residue is left on your skin.