A woman applying perfume Credit : Ron Lach/Pexels

Everyone wants to be remembered, and what better way to do that than with scent? Scent is known to unlock memories, and finding a signature scent can remind people of you and how you made them feel. It can also become part of who you are as person and how you want the world to see you. 

A signature scent is something uniquely you. It is uniquely you because every scent reacts differently to different people's body chemistry. That's why one scent might smell incredible on your co-worker but might not smell quite as amazing on you.

A signature scent is also something you love and will go back to time and time again, but you do not need to limit yourself to one. You can swap them seasonally or whenever you want; there are no rules. Finding your signature scent can seem overwhelming because every day, another scent goes viral or launches. But we're here to help you speed up the process.

Here are some steps to speed up the process of finding your signature scent. 

Choosing your fragrance family

Just like books have genres, scents have their own categories, known as fragrance families. Do not be afraid to experiment and try a bit of everything until you discover a family that just feels like you. Once you determine what family you like, it will help narrow down your search. 

Creed recommends experimenting with a few different families and swapping them out seasonally because you feel different every season. They suggest that amber-driven and spicy scents are more suited to colder months because they are heavier, while exploring citrus and fruity scents is recommended for warmer months since they are lighter. 

Certain scents, such as woodsy ones, tend to be more masculine, and florals tend to be more feminine, so it's a lot of fun to figure out where you want to be on these scales.

Once you find your fragrance family, choosing your scent will be so much easier. 

Is it trendy? 

When it comes to choosing your signature scent, consider whether the fragrance is one you think you will love long-term or just a short period of time. Sometimes, trends can become part of our signature style with scents and clothes. This is also a great time to consider your personal style because it can help you determine your scent. 

How do you want to feel while wearing it? 

One of the most important things to consider is how you feel wearing the signature scent. Do you want it to make you feel confident? Do you want it to be soft and subtle or bold and vibrant? What vibe do you want to radiate while wearing it? An expert told InStyle that a signature scent should make you feel like your ideal self but also a bit aspirational.