Alissa Janay Holmes - Sunset BlushCredit : TikTok/alissajanay1

There's a new beauty sensation on TikTok that's as fun as it is perfect for summer: the sunset blush trend.

This makeup craze, inspired by the vibrant and picturesque colors of a sunset, has taken BeautyTok by storm, largely thanks to Alissa Holmes (@alissajanay1 on TikTok), who popularized and dubbed it the "sunset blush" technique.

Holmes' video showcasing this trend has garnered a staggering 8.4 million views and 1 million likes as of writing. It has been recreated by countless beauty influencers and is now trending on different social media platforms.

This makeup trend captures the essence of a breathtaking sunset on your cheeks, ideal for those twilight gatherings or sunset escapades.

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Products You Will Need

To dive into this beauty journey, gather these essentials:

1. Vibrant or hot pink liquid blush

Opt for shades like e.l.f Camo Liquid Blush in Comin' In Hot Pink - Bright Pink or Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush in Lucky.

2. Orange or coral liquid blush

Look for hues such as e.l.f Camo Liquid Blush in Coral Crush - Bright Coral or Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush in Joy.

3. Gold liquid highlighter

Enhance the sunset effect with products like Milani Strobe Light Liquid Highlighter or Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer in shades Outshine and Flaunt.

Sunset Blush Trend Tutorial

Now, let's delve into the step-by-step process of creating your own sunset blush masterpiece:

1. Apply dots of blush

Begin by applying two dots of the hot pink liquid blush on the high points of your cheekbones, slightly above the outer corner of your eyes. Position these dots diagonally. Next, add two dots of the orange or coral blush below the pink blush.

2. Illuminate with gold shimmer

Place two dots of the gold liquid highlighter above the pink and orange blush shades to add a luminous touch reminiscent of the sun's golden glow.

3. Blend seamlessly

Using gentle blending motions, merge the colors together starting from the pink shade, transitioning to the orange hue, and finally incorporating the shimmering gold. The key is to blend slowly and seamlessly to achieve that gradient sunset effect.

Once blended to perfection, behold the magical transformation as your cheeks radiate with a dewy, shimmering sunset glow.

Whether it's a casual outing or a special evening affair, embrace the beauty of nature's palette with the TikTok-inspired sunset blush trend, and let your inner glow shine bright.