What are Mermaid Locs and How to Style Them
(Photo : Vecteezy / Andrii Shevchuk)

Going for boho or maybe under-the-sea vibes? Try mermaid locs, the new stunning hair trend that will get you weaving.

What are mermaid locs?

Mermaid locs are a blend of extension locs and waves, created by combining goddess locs with soft and wavy crochet hair.

Goddess locs are a stylish twist on traditional locs, featuring added curls for a more textured and bohemian look. Made with either kinky Marley hair or synthetic extensions, these locs offer a lived-in, undone effect, with curls accentuating the overall style.

Mermaid Locs by Boho Locs has around 100 locs and 40 wavy strands for a full head. The locs are individually crocheted, with waves coming out from the roots and ends. The waves frame the face beautifully, adding a soft, feminine touch. These locs are perfect for those seeking a blend of boho magic and mermaid vibes. Installation takes two to six weeks and costs $200, with an additional $50 for non-natural colors.

How to style them

Having mermaid locs doesn't mean you'll have to limit yourself with your hair down. You can also tie it up, use color, or even use charms on them!

1. Half Up - Half Down

Create an elevated, chic half-up-half-down hairstyle inspired by mermaid hair. For hair products, experts recommend combining KISS Colors & Care Foaming Mousse for shine, Edge Fixer Glued Max Hold for a polished hairline, and Maximum Hold 2-in-1 Super Stay to set the style.

To tie your locs together, use special hair ties made for locs. For example, the What Naturals Love Moldable Hair Tie is a flexible, cotton hair tie perfect for securing locs, dreadlocks, sisterlocks, braids, and Afro puffs without causing damage. It is strong and durable, yet pliable enough to mold for a secure and comfortable fit. Available in yellow, red, and blue, with a length of 63 centimeters (24.8 inches) and a diameter of 1.27 centimeters (0.5 inch), this hair tie is suitable for any hair length or texture.

2. Colored Do

Some mermaid locs are made with dyed natural hair or colored synthetic hair. You can choose any color you want and have them crocheted into your hair for that additional edge. Red mermaid locs are one of the bestsellers with its popularity in movies and TV. You can also take this opportunity to get the blonde highlights you always wanted!

What are Mermaid Locs and How to Style Them
(Photo : Boho Locs)
Boho Locs - Mermaid Locs

3. High Bun

Creating a chic high bun with locs is easy. The first step is to tie your mermaid locs into a high ponytail and keep it in place with a strong elastics, like Scunci No Damage Thick Hair Black Elastics 24pk. Then, wrap your locs around the base of the ponytail to form the bun. To finish, gently lay down your baby hair for a polished look. This style is perfect for a sophisticated and stylish appearance, whether for a special date night or a casual outing.

4. Space Buns

Space buns are undeniably adorable and a classic loc hairdo. To create them, start by horizontally parting your hair into two sections. The front part will be used for the buns, while the back will remain loose. Secure each section with a hair tie, then wrap the ponytails around to form buns and secure the ends.