blush makeup

(Photo : Vecteezy/dao_kp20226443)

Asian beauty trends have taken the world by storm, from Douyin makeup in China to ulzzang makeup in Korea. One of the latest trends gaining popularity is igari makeup from Japan, also known as drunk blush makeup. 

This look mimics the natural pink flush of your cheeks when you've had a bit to drink, giving you a youthful and fresh appearance. 

Unlike traditional blush application, which focuses on the apples of your cheeks, Igari makeup extends the blush from cheek to cheek across the bridge of your nose. 

Here's a simple guide to help you achieve this trendy look.

1. Create a dewy base

Start with a dewy, lightweight base to ensure your skin looks hydrated and fresh. Use a minimal-coverage foundation or BB cream that offers a natural finish. 

This will give you a smooth, glowing canvas without appearing cakey. Pinpoint conceal any areas that need more coverage to maintain the dewy effect.

2. Light and natural eye makeup

For the eyes, opt for a subtle and neutral look. Choose soft pink or muted brown eyeshadows with a touch of shimmer to enhance your natural beauty without overpowering the blush. 

Blend the eyeshadow gently across your eyelids, focusing on creating a soft, gradient effect. Keep your mascara and brows light and natural to complement the overall look.

3. Apply the blush

The blush is the star of the Igari makeup look. Use a cream blush for a more natural, seamless blend. Dab a small amount of blush onto your cheeks just below your eyes, then blend it across the bridge of your nose. 

The goal is to create a continuous flush from cheek to cheek. Gradually build up the intensity to achieve your desired look. For a longer-lasting effect, you can lightly set the cream blush with a translucent powder.

4. Enhance with freckles (optional)

For an added touch of youthfulness and authenticity, consider adding faux freckles across your cheeks and nose. Use a fine-tipped brow pencil or a dedicated freckle pen to lightly dot freckles where the blush is most concentrated. Blend them gently with your fingers to soften the look.

5. Finish with a glossy lip

Complete your Igari makeup look with a lip gloss or tinted lip balm in a shade that matches your natural lip color. A glossy finish will enhance the fresh and dewy appearance of your skin. 

Choose a product that not only adds color but also keeps your lips hydrated and smooth throughout the day.