Margot Robbie's Nutritionist Reveals An Unexpected Weight Loss Tip

Behind Margot Robbie's healthy lifestyle is Dana James, a nutritionist who is famous among celebrities. Moreover, she spills one unsual thing that can ultimately shed off those extra pounds.

Diets are everywhere and so are workout plans. Left and right, suggestions have been popping out, claiming to offer the "best" meal plans and exercise routines, with some even being suggested by celebrities. Meanwhile, James, whose clients not just include Suicide Squad actress Robbie but also Victoria's Secret models, is suggesting that talking is one way to lose weight.

Unexpressed Emotions

In an interview with MindBodyGreen, James said that unexpressed emotions play a big role in the hard battle of weight gain and loss. Unusual and unconventional at first thought, but the nutritionist shared she usually asks her clients who have gained weight if they have something unexpressed.

"It could be a residual thought from an argument with a partner, a tense relationship with their mother, or something shameful from their youth," she explained.

She supported this with numbers, saying that 75 percent of obese who are candidates for a bariatric operation had an adverse childhood experience or ACE. Now this sums up the abuses or events that may have accumulated inside, like for example a divorce that may be traumatic for children.

James argues that anything bad that has happened has to be let out. But this doesn't have to be aired verbally, as it also counts to write it down, just anything to release the experience. What's important is that it never gets stuck inside a person, all the more it is vital for these emotions not to be suppressed.

"If emotions are stuck inside you, the weight can also stay stuck," she said.

Other Factors

Moreover, the complex world of weight gain and weight loss is more than just food and exercise. Apart from unexpressed emotions, she debunked some myths accompanying the difficult process of shedding extra pounds.

James underlined the role of sleep as well in one's health. She explained that the lack of sleep or hours of it can cause one to overeat. Some medication also brings the risk of weight gain, especially antidepressants.

It might be best to do some research, but it is also worthy to note that James knows what she's talking about. After all, this Columbia University graduate has 12 years of profession under her belt. Besides that, many celebrities have been leaning on her for some nutritional guidance.

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