100 Most Beautiful Women With High IQ
There are many beautiful faces who are celebrated, but there are also those who possess, more than their attractiveness, brains who should be revered as well. Some names may be familiar while some excelled in their own away from limelight.
H&M Earns Praise For Swimswear Photos, Shows Real, Un-Photoshopped Models
H&M's latest swimwear photos are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. The Swedish company noticeably didn't Photoshop their models' stretch marks, blemishes, and hairs, much to the delight of their fans.
Victoria's Secret Model Sara Sampaio Announces She's Battling Trichotillomania
Portuguese model Sara Sampaio shares her experience with trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder. She revealed that she started pulling her eyelashes when she was 15.
Chrissy Teigen Proudly Bared Her Stretch Marks On Social Media
Chrissy Teigen has given everyone a reality check with her recent posts on Twitter. Moreover, she admitted she was still struggling with body confidence.
Functional Colored Pencil Nails Are Actually A Thing
Nail Sunny, a salon in Russia, is gaining popularity for their technicians' impressive designing skills. The shop's latest trending creation is the functional colored pencil nails.
Rihanna Proves Fenty Beauty's Match Stix Is Multipurpose
Rihanna oftentimes takes it to her social media account to share her makeup tutorial. Of late, she showed her fans how to use the Fenty Beauty's highlighter Match Stix as a lipstick.
Kylie Jenner Gets $1M Per Post, Beating Sister Kendall, Selena Gomez
Kylie Jenner has less followers than other celebrities but she makes the most money out of her Instagram posts. Selena Gomez comes in second, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo.
Kim Kardashian Just Chopped Her Hair Into A Short Bob
Kim Kardashian had her long locks cut for a short bob. The reality star recently showed her new hairstyle during a date night with husband Kanye West.
'Straddling,' The Instagram Pose That's Becoming A Hit Among Celebrities and Influencers
Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are doing the 'straddling' pose that's going viral on Instagram. The flattering pose is pretty much like straddling a horse.
The Logical Reasons Meghan Markle Always Has Her Hair In A Bun
Meghan Markle has donned a lot of hairstyles, but she probably is most remembered for what seemed to have become her signature style: a bun. Her favoring of the easy-to-do style may be connected with practicality.
Kim Kardashian Responds To Criticisms For Straightening North's Hair Again
Kim Kardashian has responded to critics who noticed in one of her uploads that North had straightened hair again. The KKW Beauty owner explained that the photo was taken in June, during the child's birthday.
Nick Jonas Had A Whole Tiffany's Store Closed Down While Shopping For Priyanka Chopras's Engagement Ring, A Source Says
Nick Jonas chose the engagement ring for Priyanka Chopra at Tiffany's, which he had exclusively all to himself. He reportedly popped the question during the actress' birthday in London.
Ivanka Trump's Namesake Clothing Brand Is Saying Goodbye
Ivanka Trump has recently announced that she will be shutting down her namesake fashion line for good. She will be focusing more on her work as a senior adviser to her dad, United States President Donald Trump.
Khloe Kardashian Gets Real, Admits Thinking About Getting A Nose Job
Khloe Kardashian has long been surrounded by rhinoplasty rumors. Of late, she got candid about the issue and denied getting a nose job, although she explained she had been thinking about it.
Meghan Markle's Stilettos At The Sentebale Polo 2018 Got People Talking
Meghan Markle attended the Sentebale Polo 2018 with her husband Prince Harry, who had a match during the event. Surprisingly, the Duchess of Sussex pulled off her choice of pumps as she walked gracefully on the grass.
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