Nail designs have greatly evolved through the years and creative minds have further made the impossible possible, beautiful designs that are functional, too. Case in point: the colored pencil nails that are going viral.

If people have thought that weird, unconventional nail arts have reached its peak, they're wrong. Manicures and pedicures have become an avenue to show creativity, even if this meant putting different things on the nails.

However, more than the out-of-this-world designs, there are certainly those that stand out, not just because they are attention-stealer, but also because these are functional as well.

The latest trend is the colored pencil nails, which looked like they are the real deal. Do not be fooled, though, as there is more than what meets the eye. These can actually be used just like the coloring material.

Functional Creation

To those who would have taken a guess, this nail design is a creation by none other by Nail Sunny, the famous Russian salon that is taking Instagram by storm. They are quite popular on the photo-sharing app for their time-lapses, which showed impressively satisfying clips of their works of art.

To do the manicure, the technician started off by making a clear acrylic base. These then get painted by bright shades, much like kids' crayons. After this, the nail expert painted ridged on the nails, as well as the peach tip to mimic a sharpened pencil.

What is interesting is that for the functionality, the technician actually took colored pencils and carefully carve these to get the bright leads. These get glued onto the back of the corresponding nails, making each finger a useful writing or coloring tool.

Useful Or Not?

Come to think of it, colored pencil nails can render it hard for anybody who sports this nail art and does things without hurting themselves. Just imagine, scratching head or touching white clothes may become impossible because of the color it may leave and because of the pointy end.

The thought of colored pencil nails may be too futuristic for some, but it can be quite the perfect design for those who are artsy. Of course, this would also be helpful when there is something needed to be written, pronto!

Of the nails, it is obvious that the technician has some mad designing skills, which should be laudable. Apparently, the salon is known for thinking out of the box, which manifests on their nail art like the time when they recreated Kylie's infamous announcement of baby Stormi on her account.

This is not the first time they created a nail art that is functional. They are responsible for comb nails, which can actually fix one's hair.

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