From succulent to snow globe, the nails have been incredibly themed and manicured crazily the past few years. The latest is from a woman who manicured nails into an actual working comb.

Everyone is familiar with finger combs. This is when the fingers are used as a comb to detangle or fix the locks, but the woman who recreated it recently might have taken the phrase in its literal sense or that she just took her mad skills to the next level.

A talented nail artist from the Nail Sunny in Russia is responsible for such realistic nails, which was posted on Instagram. Of course, they showed the process done on the customer with her neon comb manicure, which can actually be used to brush the hair, as per the video at least, so it's basically perfect for women who are always on the go.

"Brush nails - YAY OR NAY?" the caption simply said.

How did this happen? First, the woman started by extending the nails, possibly with fake ones. The nail artist then applied clear gel. Once dried out, each gets drilled to the likeness of the "teeth" of combs, before these get smoothened by a nail file. Finally, each was colored with different neon gel nail polish and then dried under a UV lamp.

It may be convenient to use as a comb when one's running late or when one forgets the trusty comb, but at the same time, this manicure could prove to be inconvenient when the nails get stuck on threads of clothes or bags or, worse, one's or others' hairs, as pointed out by most of the commenters. As to how talented the nails artists are at Nail Sunny, there is no doubt about it.

Unique, Bizarre Manicures

Their Instagram account boasts a stronghold of 1.7 million supporters, and the post has gained more than 300,000 views as of writing. How did this nail salon possibly become so popular, one might ask? Well, aside from bringing beautiful and gorgeous works of arts through nails, the business is also known for bringing unique and bordering-bizarre manicures, depending on how people see these.

Possibly one of their buzzworthy manicures is the recreation of the photo Kylie Jenner uploaded where baby Stormi was holding onto her mommy's thumb. It might have been too realistic for some, looking even creepy. Prior to this, they had done a makeup mogul-inspired nails, which showed a nail covered with a tiny pregnant woman in the likeness of the 20-year-old.