Meghan Markle may have gotten the nod of Prince Harry's grandmother, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, because of one tiny detail on her wedding day, her nail polish.

While news about Queen Elizabeth's disapproval of Markle to be Prince Harry's wife spread like wildfire prior to the wedding, the actual special day may have proved that the former Suits actress is getting the approval of the queen. How? Well, her nail polish ultimately paid homage to the queen's favorite Essie shade, Ballet Slippers.

Legend has it that Queen Elizabeth is not a fan of any loud color for her nails, not even the all-time classic red. It is also rumored that the 92-year-old opts for the nude-ish, neutral shades, and anything other than those was dubbed as crass.

While this is yet to be proven, Queen Elizabeth may have felt proud of Markle's choice for her nails, who seemed to have followed suit. The 36-year-old is not just following the footsteps of the queen, but also of Kate Middleton, who is also known to have a liking for Essie.

In 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge used Essie's Allure, a pinkish-nude shade, when she tied the knot with Prince William. So basically, Markle's nail polish color might be heading on the same direction as the royalties.

Meanwhile of the infamous Essie Ballet Slippers, Queen Elizabeth popularized the shade starting 1989, when her stylist requested for a bottle of it and since then, it has become a hit color for the brand. For this year, nearly 80,000 have been sold and it's just May.

Moreover, Markle's choice of the same shade could take Essie by storm of requests even more. Pretty sure that the popular brand's demand is going to soar anytime now.

Markle's Preference

Meanwhile, Markle's choice may also not have been taken from Queen Elizabeth. After all, she has been photographed several times before sporting nude shades of nail polish.

It might be that she's not really a fan of striking colors or that she really does prefer classic colors. In November last year during her and Prince Harry's engagement announcement, she was seen with sheer pink nails, abiding by the unwritten rule.

For World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 last year, her photo with Prince Harry also proved she was a fan of nude colors. Photos later that month during her public appearance showed Markle's chic pink nail polish.

After all, her decision to stick with something natural-looking for her nail polish adheres not just to the royal protocol, but also to what she best believes in. According to her former stylist, Markle favors looks that will always show her true sense of self.