A nail salon in Memphis had allegedly put up a sign discriminating against overweight customers, charging them extra when booking for services at the salon.

According to Refinery29, it all started after a Facebook user posted a photo of a sign that reads "Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicure will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists." The photo is shared by Deshania Ferguson and later received outrageous responses. People were unhappy with it and some of them contacted a local news channel to investigate the issue.

Salon owner Son Nguyen denied the allegation when investigated by a local TV channel WREG, who came to the Rose Nails.

Nguyen said that the sign was never put up at his salon but now he is considering to do it.

According to Women's Health, the salon actually refuses to serve any "severely overweight" client instead of charging them more. The salon owner admitted that they only charge extra for men clients since they rarely come to the salon.

His reason not to serve overweight customers is because it is difficult for the pedicurists to do their job. Nguyen also said that the salon's chairs have been broken twice by the overweight customers in the past that costs him up to $2,500.

When investigating the issues after the news broke, the local news channel asked if it was not his salon that was talked about on Facebook even when the floor is similar to the one on the image. According to People, Nguyen said that floors and walls could be the same in many salons and "it could be anywhere."

Despite his denial of the news, people are not pleased with it. Some called out the salon for discrimination and disrespectful act. Another user even said that it should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.