Kids are getting more creative and persistent with what they want these days. This was the case for a 10-year-old who used clay for her nails.

Serafina Peña took to Twitter on July 11 to share how her daughter used her imagination to do her nails after she refused her child of getting a press-on. The determination is laudable and props must be given to the kid for resorting to her material to get what she wanted.

"I told my 10yr old she couldn't have press-on nails so she made some out of clay," Peña wrote.

Nail Biting Habit

Apparently, the child has a bad habit of biting her nails, and Peña revealed that to stop her daughter from doing it, they have agreed of doing nail art on the girl. After the child became persistent in getting press-ons, the 31-year-old mom decided not to give in to her request.

"If I practiced nail art on her would she stop biting. She said yes, & I've been doing her nails since. But, this time around she wanted press-ons and I said no. Lol," the mom further explained in another tweet.

After getting a "no" from her mom, the girl resorted to using grey Play-Doh to make her own nails. This went viral for all the right reasons. Just one look at these nails and it can convince anyone that these are real, all the more the reason to admire the creativity of the child.

Outpouring Reactions

With more than 7,000 tweets and more than 50,000 likes, support flowed for Peña and her little "Play-Doh Princess." Some tweeted that they were surprised when they realized that the girl used clay for her matte, almond-shaped manicure.

Some coyly asked how much the child will charge for a manicure session, while other accounts share similar stories of how their kids try to recreate nail art. Other Twitter users narrated their story of using an unconventional material for their nails.

A lot of people encouraged Peña to continue supporting her little artist and to look for cheaper and safer options for press-on. Others, meanwhile, suggested for the mom to let her daughter explore more of her creativity.

Meanwhile, Peña admitted she was not at all expecting the overwhelming response, as well as admiration she and her daughter got after the post went viral. She went on to update their newfound fans and revealed that they are "on Amazon investing in her craft."