Ivanka Trump's Namesake Clothing Brand Is Saying Goodbye

Ivanka Trump is focusing more on her role in the White House and has announced that she is closing down her namesake fashion brand.

The move seemed to be a long time coming, especially after her decision to leave the brand more than a year ago to become a senior adviser to her father, the United States president. While she separated from the brand, she retained ownership interest.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump's decision may have come after months of contemplation. Add to that "she grew frustrated by the restrictions she placed on the company, IT Collection LLC, to avoid possible conflicts of interest while serving in the White House."

While her decision just sounds like a hiatus from the retail industry, Trump in a statement said she wasn't even sure if she'll return to business after this endeavor. She further hinted that returning seems blurry, but that "I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington."

Retailers Dropping Ivanka Trump

A factor to her decision may have also come after retailers dropped Ivanka Trump, like Nordstrom, which left her brand in the dark last year after poor sales. Her father again took to Twitter to call out the company for their "poor treatment" of his daughter.

The Chief Executive of the United States further praised her daughter, whom he said have pushed him to do the right thing. Of late, retailer Hudson's Bay Co. is the latest to dump Ivanka Trump after it said this was because of low sales.

To be fair, Ivanka Trump has been through a rough patch the past years since its inception in 2014, but it has enjoyed its high time when it first started, thanks to her frequent public appearances.

However, things took a different turn come 2016 when #GrabYourWallet became a thing and hit the Ivanka Trump with left and right boycotts. In 2017, things went downhill even more, when retailers chose to stay away from her brand. This may be primarily because of mogul Donald, who has been the target of throngs of tirades for his state policies that some dub as "inhumane."

Shannon Coulter, a San Francisco-based marketing strategist, said that the closing down of Ivanka Trump is just a move to stop any embarrassment from further happening after retailers are choosing to drop the brand.

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