Ivanka Trump's fashion brand has been facing a roller coaster marketing journey ever since Donald Trump began his campaign. The first daughter's brand has reportedly reached 223  when it comes to reselling.

ThreadUP, a fashion reselling website announced that Ivanka Trump has ranked in the seventh position of the website's Purge Surge list. According to the Refinery29, the brand skyrocketing with 223 percent increase of people reselling their Ivanka Trump-branded items on the thrift shop website. The motivation behind this massive reselling was divided into two theories.

The vice president of merchandising at ThredUP Kathleen Weng revealed that even though women would resell their fashion items all year long, the spring season is when the number usually increases. But the reasons for people to sell their unwanted belongings are not only to clean up their closet but to "[refresh] their style and finding new favorites."

According to the second-hand e-commerce, Ivanka Trump brand is less popular in Los Angeles and New York, while most popular in Houston and Texas. And the brand is unsurprisingly least popular in D.C. where the first daughter herself currently resides with her family.

Racked reported that the cause of the increase reselling of the Ivanka Trump fashion items could be caused by her father's campaign and his presidency. It might be because people want to get rid of the belongings under the brand yet they still want to make money out of it, so they decide to resell the items instead.

Previously, the Ivanka Trump fashion brand had been boycotted by some anti-Trump supporters through #GrabYourWallet. The boycott does not only ban the people from buying Ivanka Trump products, but also the stores that sell them, resulting in some stores taking the items off their shelves. According to Elle, the stores that stopped carrying the first daughter's brand are including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Belk.