This Is What Melania Trump Wore During White House Visit Of Spain's King Felipe And Queen Letizia

Spanish royals King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia met with U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, in the White House, and the First Lady surely impressed people with her dress.

The Spanish guests were on a six-day official tour in the United States, and their last stop was in the White House to meet the ever-controversial husband and wife, Donald and Melania. Prior to that, the monarchs were also present in San Antonio and New Orleans to celebrate their 300 years, both having ties to the European country.

Same Dress

During the meeting of the influential personas, it rendered hard to do a comparison between the two beautiful ladies. Queen Letizia opted for a more colorful ensemble during the meet, stunning with her Barbie pink Michael Kors dress. She accentuated her silhouette with a metallic belt and paired the dress with the same shade of clutch and heels.

Interestingly, Melania owns the same dress as the one worn by Queen Letizia, albeit it was in blue. Moreover, a remarkable coincidence should be underlined here, that is, it was worn about a year ago by Donald's wife but without a belt when she met with Panama's president and his wife.

While Queen Letizia, who is regarded as a fashion icon, dons in a colorful outfit, Melania stuck with a more toned-down color, though she played things up a bit by choosing one that has intricate embroidery. The First Lady's dress, which is from Valentino, is olive green with white big floral designs and was less body-hugging than Her Majesty.

The 48-year-old then used a white belt to give shape and paired her outfit with a Manolo Blahnik olive green pointed heels. Melania is noticeably present the past few days in official events, probably to avoid further backlash she got when she took a rest for 25 days.

"Our relationship has been outstanding over the years and I think especially right now, excellent trade relationship, military relationship, just about everything you can have. So we love Spain and it's really a tremendous honor to have you both at the Oval Office," Donald said at a press conference.

Meanwhile, this news comes at a time when the administration is facing a huge backlash for Donald's decision to have families separated in the border. Of course, Melania wasn't anywhere safe from the clapbacks of the people for his husband's decisions.

"F**k you, Melanie. You know damn well your husband can end this immediately ... you feckless complicit piece of shit," comedian Kathy Griffin reacted to the First Lady's statement that she hated to see the families getting separated.

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