The Logical Reasons Meghan Markle Always Has Her Hair In A Bun

Meghan Markle has always been spotted with a bun, either messy, low, or neat. It has become her signature style, which she often opts for in public outings, sans some particular events that had her hair down.

There's nothing wrong with the trusty bun. It's a low maintenance, easy-to-pull-off hairstyle that's been resorted to by almost everyone else. For Markle, becoming the Duchess of Sussex meant people judging her for always doing her hair that way, even if it was something common among people.

There's more to the bun that one may think. It's not solely for keeping her hair out of her face, but it is also perfect for later events, such as dinner, when she could let her hair down. The bun can make her locks become loose waves.

"With a full schedule of day and night events, there can't be much time for Meghan to perform a full hair wash and restyle in between," Byrdie noted.

So basically Markle's bun is there for practicality. But why a messy, low bun? The outfit suggests that it is less damaging and will not leave out dents on the hair. Plus, it can easily be transformed into a hairstyle that's suitable for formal events quickly.

Other Reasons

Byrdie also had other reasons why Markle could have opted for buns rather than letting her locks flow through her shoulders. The former Suits actress' hairstyle can well make room for hats, which royals have known to have always been using to complement a look.

Markle's bun will never steal the show from her outfits. Admit it, the 36-year-old's fashion choices have been taking centerstage since her wedding, and that may be because these were showcased full blast, meaning without the hair getting some of the limelight. Take for example her wedding with Prince Harry when she let her gowns do the talking and not her hair.

It also helps that she has a toned body. Markle's hairstyle doesn't draw the paparazzi's attention toward the hair but to how she carries herself in outings. Moreover, the weather may be enough reason for her choice.

Next, she won't need to have a stylist with her everywhere she goes. Markle can do a messy bun herself while on a car or a carriage on the way to an event. That said, it wouldn't also take time. Imagine attending to a lot of commitments each day and your hair needs some upkeeping every now and then, so a bun is really the key.

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