Meghan Markle Is Being Criticized For Having Messy Hair ... On A Windy Day

Meghan Markle has fallen under the scrutinizing microscope that is the eyes of the public. More so after her wedding with Prince Harry, some even criticize her for the silliest reasons. The latest is the time her hair got messy because of the wind.

While Markle is a public personality for being an actress, probably notable for her role in the USA legal drama series Suits, she gained quite the worldwide attention since rumors about dating Prince Harry first broke out. As expected, people became more watchful of her after she married the royalty, and some perfectionists have easily lambasted the 36-year-old in her appearances for whatever reason they could think of.

Windy Day In Cheshire

Markle's latest outing in Cheshire was with Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, coincidentally a windy day. Apparently, there were heavy rains and strong winds in some parts of the region because of Storm Hector, so the location's weather at the time was nothing unusual. This wasn't enough as a reason for the public, though, who criticized the Hollywood actress who chose to let her hair down for the event.

As much as the two royalties looked happy during the event, many noted that Markle should not have let her hair get swept away by the wind, which made it look messy. This was after photos of her showed how she desperately tried her best to fix it despite the obvious: that strong winds were inevitable and that her locks became unmanageable.

"Can Meghan please opt for shorter hair or have it styled — so it does not cause her to pull it off her face, soooo annoying and distracting," a Twitter user commented.

The user further reiterated what seemed like a criticism of Markle in other comments, saying that the Duchess of Sussex played with her hair as a coping mechanism to being "insecure." The critic then asked the royalty to pull her hair up during public events.

Meanwhile, others said that people should have informed Markle of the situation at Cheshire so that she could have opted for another 'do. Other concerned fans asked her to just hire another stylist.

Then there were some who rushed to Markle's defense and announced the obvious: that the wind is beyond the duchess' control. User @NotMyPresidente clapped back at naysayers and said it's nothing out of the ordinary, as everybody at some point has experienced it, and underlined how the Dater's Handbook actress still looked beautiful regardless.

Another one said Markle can do whatever she wants with her hair. After all, it is her hair, so basically, it's her rules. It is logical, after all, that people will still criticize her no matter what hairstyle she dons, like when she opted for a messy bun, which was touted as a defiance to a royal protocol for a special event.

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