Meghan Markle's wedding makeup will be done by her and not by professional artists, something that was also done in 2011 by Kate Middleton.

The former Suits actress is opting to do her own makeup in her nearing wedding with Prince Harry on May 19, a source claimed. Seems familiar? Yup, seven years ago, Middleton also did her own makeup when she tied the knot with Prince William.

But she isn't doing her look all by herself. The 36-year-old bride-to-be is getting some help from her best friends, which will be her glam squad. While she could opt to find the greatest professional makeup artist there is, Markle decided she'll go with her trusty pals for her look on her special day.

"She's got two friends doing it for her from America. They're not professionals - just close friends of hers," an source said.

The insider also claimed that ahead of the wedding, Markle's friends will be staying at the Windsor Castle, possibly to try out some makeup look on her and to spend some quality time with each other. The news outlet pointed out that she's following the footsteps of her soon-to-be sister-in-law Middleton, who also chose not to hire a professional makeup artist for her look on her wedding. She did her makeup following her lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston.


If this will be the case, the public can expect her to do her normal routine and to wear her usual makeup. This news came just a week away from Markle and Prince Harry's wedding.

A prediction that could be slightly believed on how the soon-to-be wife will choose to look like on her wedding day is the one from her former makeup artist Lydia Sellers. Her take is that, Markle will opt for a "classic, timeless look" that people have seen of her lately.

Sellers, who have worked with Markle since 2015, further guessed that her former client would go with a more natural look. That meant her freckles would be intentionally peeping through and her skin would look fresh with the dewy effect.

While Sellers's predictions are yet to be confirmed, people can rely on her words as she has worked with Markle. In fact, the makeup artist has an idea on which kinds of product the actress prefers.

Sellers claimed that Markle favors the brand RMS, which she described as an "all-natural" line. Of the bride's possible look on her special day, the makeup artist concluded that it would have to be a look that would totally speak of Markle's self.

"That was really important to Meghan - to always feel and look authentic and natural," Sellers said.