Prince Harry may have a new girlfriend -- and if the rumors are true, they will form the ultimate British power couple! Harry, 30, was spotted looking flirty with British actress Jenna Coleman this weekend. The pair chatted at a polo match and Harry was even seen putting his hand on Jenna's knee.

Never heard of Jenna before? Don't worry! Although the 29-year-old is well-known in the UK thanks to her role in the hit TV series "Doctor Who," she hasn't quite crossed the pond yet. Read on to learn 5 things to know.

1. She's a TV star
Jenna has been acting professionally since 2005, when she landed a role in the British soap opera "Emmerdale." She's best known for her current role as Clara in "Doctor Who" and has mainly appeared in TV.

2. You might recognize her from the movies, too
Jenna had a small role in the film "Captain America: The First Avenger," playing Connie.

3. She dated Richard Madden for four years
Jenna was in a long-term relationship with "Game Of Thrones" star Richard Madden. Break-up rumors began buzzing early this year, after Richard appeared in the movie "Cinderella." They were last seen together in March.

4. People are buzzing about what happened with Prince Harry
A source told the Sun (via E! Online), "Harry sneaked outside with Jenna. He took her by the hand and led her away from the crowd in the sponsor's tent. They sat alone and talked as things were winding up inside the party. It was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning in to him and he had his hand on her knee."

5. But some are saying it's all a rumor
A source told the Daily Mirror, "They were just two young people on a night out chatting. Jenna was honoured to meet Harry, but the pictures make their chat look a lot more intimate than it was. They were at a party and were surrounded by friends. It was not flirty and the whole conversation has been blown out of proportion." Jenna's rep said, "We don't comment on her private life." Hmmmm.

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