The May 19 royal wedding created a worldwide fascination of all things Meghan Markle. Of late, a talented makeup artist recreated the bride's look, and people got confused of who's who.

Promise Tamang, a social media superstar, is a well-known makeup artist who can technically become whoever she wants to be. That is, she can transform to whomever she desires to look like, and the latest was the Duchess of Sussex.

The beauty vlogger revealed that the Markle transformation was a highly requested one, and this is obvious. After the royal wedding in May of the former Suits actress and Prince Harry, many people have been trying ways to cop the actress' look, from her freckles to her outfit.

Tamang, who has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, transformed to being the bride Markle, and the outcome is nothing short of perfection. The result was so convincing that it would take a double look in order to know it really wasn't the duchess.

This makeup artist nailed it with the smallest details, including the beloved freckles that took centerstage during the royal wedding, as well as Markle's mole near her upper lip. To top it all off, Tamang even dressed up as the actress.

Other Transformations

Of course, her fans were in awe of what an amazing thing she did, but the beautiful creation wasn't something unexpected of Tamang, who is the master behind the squiggle eyebrows. After all, her transformations are mostly on point.

One of her notable transformations of singers includes Ed Sheeran, and how she managed to turn to the "Photograph" singer is unbelievable. She also turned into Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Cardi B. Tamang also showed her laudable talent in copying cartoons and animes such as Moana, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, Sailor Moon, Betty Boop, Fiona of Shrek, Darla of Finding Nemo, and Belle of Beauty and the Beast, among many others.

Meghan Markle's Freckles

As mentioned, everything Markle has been in demand since the world saw her tying the knot with Prince Harry at the Windsor Castle. Her freckles were what really earned attention, with some taking it to tattoo artists to have themselves inked and some just use makeup.

Gabrielle Rainbow, an Atlanta-based tattoo artist, said that since the royal wedding, many people have asked to get their faces tattooed with Markle's freckles. She said that there had been an increase in the demand of the "semipermanent" tattoo, called as such because it will fade through the years, which will ultimately make it more natural-looking.