Meghan Markle's Freckles Are So Alluring That People Want Face Tattoos Just Like Them

Probably without her knowledge, Meghan Markle's freckles had started a trend. So much so that the demand for faux, tattooed freckles has been on the rise.

Just weeks after Markle and Prince Harry's wedding, where everybody saw how the former opted for a barely-there look, the Duchess of Sussex is starting to make a trend. Apparently, the world is digging the 36-year-old's freckles that were peeping during the May 19 celebration.

Face Tattoo

That said, those who weren't born with freckles are now opting to get faux freckles done by a tattoo artist to mimic the former Suits actress. An Atlanta-based tattoo artist is a testament to the soaring number of those who want to be inked on the face.

Gabrielle Rainbow admitted that since the royal wedding, many have asked to have their faced tattooed with freckles like Markle. The "semipermanent" ink is dubbed as such because it is not actually permanent, but will last for a couple of years. The supposed freckles will be from punctures that are like bee stings.

After these punctures swell, the effect will look more like freckles. The face tattoo will cost $250 and will take about an hour to finish. Rainbow pointed out that the face tattoo will look better as time passes by as the colors will fade by then, giving the faux freckles a more natural effect.

"[Markle's wedding] boosted customers' interest in the whole idea of freckles," Rainbow said.

However, as much as Rainbow has now a lot of customers asking for Markle's freckles, she underlined the importance of researching first before undergoing the procedure. She also underlined the need to find a good and established tattoo artist to do the job.

Furthermore, Rainbow admitted that there are risks that come with the face tattoo, even though it's semipermanent. Some artists "go too deep" or some do not use "proper inks," she stressed.


Meanwhile, it's not only Rainbow who has had an experience with the surge of requests after the royal wedding. Makeup artist Courtney Larrabee said her customers have been specific as well with their requests, saying they wanted Markle's freckles.

To recreate Markle's freckles, Larrabee revealed that she uses an eyeliner with a sharp felt tip or an eyebrow pen in the hues of brown to imbibe the natural look. To make it more natural-looking, she suggests dabbing with the fingertip.

For those who aren't born with freckles, they can opt to buy Larrabee's suggested Milani Brow Tint Pen in Natural Taupe 01.

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