The Story Behind Meghan Markle's Clutch Bag


Meghan Markle recently had her first solo outing with Queen Elizabeth II and of course, all eyes were on the royalties. However, enthralled people can't help but wonder about the Duchess of Sussex's clutch bag.

Markle again stunned the public during her latest appearance, wearing a beige Givenchy dress and accessorizing it with a black belt and a black clutch as well. The 92-year-old queen, meanwhile, opted for a louder color, yellow green, for her outfit that was matched with the same color of headwear. Of course, Queen Elizabeth was seen with her trusty black bag.

Givenchy Black Clutch

Photos of Queen Elizabeth and Markle are surfacing and people might be wondering about the 36-year-old's choice of clutch for this appearance. Here is the secret: she might be learning the ropes when it comes to bag choices during events. At first glance, it may look like a strapless purse, but it has a gold chain.

Many might be wondering why Markle chose the Givenchy clutch bag with a chain, but she might be starting to make her trademark among other royalties with this one. Kate Middleton is a known fan of tiny clutches, and some predicted this is because she wants to avoid budding awkward moments, while Queen Elizabeth often opts for longer straps.

The Queen's choice is a practical one because every now and then, especially in appearances, she shakes hands of people so the bag need not interfere with the process. Moreover, it makes it easy for her to get whatever she needs, ergo convenience is the key.

But for Markle, she is proving to sit well in the middle. The former Suits actress has been quite experimental with her bags, as the public saw her previously carrying totes and a crossbody bag. She oftentimes uses clutch bags during formal event.

This said, it is obvious that Markle adjusts her choice of bag in accordance with the events. But one thing is for sure, whatever occasion there may be, she is obviously open to interacting with the public. This may explain her choice of bags with straps, if in case she meets a lot of people, it won't be a hindrance.

With this, she might be taking a cue from Queen Elizabeth, which is useful for public personalities as them. Markle's practicality when it comes to bags is what she may have shown during her appearances, and the latest seemed to showcase this even more.

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