This Crossbody Purse Is Going Viral Right Now, And For Good Reason Too


Every now and then, there are great finds in the market. The latest is a crossbody purse that has taken the world by storm.

Yup, for those who are still unaware of this wonder bag that has gone viral, it's a crossbody purse that has a tassel design which is available in 33 colors. People might be missing a lot if they still don't have this, after all, the range of color it comes is one reason to get this chic bag.

Formal events or a night out with the girls, there's a color perfect for an event. Opting for pastel colors or bold ones? Or plain colors or two-tone? There is surely one that'll fit anyone's preference.

Second, the Deluxity Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag is a bang for the buck. Imagine, one can get this purse for $13 to $17! It won't burn a hole in the pocket, so what's not to love about this?

Raves For The Bag

Now, never underestimate the power of this bag and if the abovementioned advantages are not convincing enough, take it from real people who actually bought this amazing piece of art. In Amazon, there are already more than 800 reviews for this crossbody bag and 75 percent rated it five stars!

For some who values the how much a bag can actually store, this one is a nod to that. This crossbody bag has a lot of space perfect for women who prefer to bring lots of things. With its form and structure, bulging is not a problem anymore.

The crossbody bag also has another zipper in front. While this one doubles as a design thanks to the tassels attached, it actually is a pocket, so for those who love to just throw coins and other small things immediately, this one is conveniently easy to reach. The strap is also adjustable.

If these aren't enough reasons to get the popular crossbody bag, then let the unpaid testimonies do the convincing. Some users uploaded very useful photos that will prove just how much stylish this bag can get, whether on the beach or in day-outs, and just how many essential things can fit in this.

"Perfect crossbody purse. Not too big, has just the right amount of pockets for easy access and it's stylish too. Great find!" Julie Etheridge said.

Another one with the username S. Ducote said that it was an "unbelievable bargain." The user said the crossbody bag fits an iPhone 7 Plus well in the front pocket, so one can just imagine how easy it is to get the phone out during trips.

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