Meghan Markle has an undeniably glowing and radiant skin even before she wed one of the most influential people of today, Prince Harry, and that's because of a diet that she revealed in an interview.

Just to clarify, the interview happened before she tied the knot with Prince Harry and when Markle was still a part of the US legal-drama series Suits. Of course, gracing any interview or to release any statement right now would have to go through a lot of communication officers from the Palace. As much as her healthy skin is concerned, nothing has changed, as she still remains to have glowing skin as ever.

That said, fans who are scrambling to find the secret to Markle's glowing skin are in for a treat. In an interview with Delish, the actress candidly talked about what she does in the kitchen and what she eats, in short, her diet. Hold up, it isn't one that's unachievable because she's just human like everyone else.