Meghan Markle has an undeniably glowing and radiant skin even before she wed one of the most influential people of today, Prince Harry, and that's because of a diet that she revealed in an interview.

Just to clarify, the interview happened before she tied the knot with Prince Harry and when Markle was still a part of the US legal-drama series Suits. Of course, gracing any interview or to release any statement right now would have to go through a lot of communication officers from the Palace. As much as her healthy skin is concerned, nothing has changed, as she still remains to have glowing skin as ever.

That said, fans who are scrambling to find the secret to Markle's glowing skin are in for a treat. In an interview with Delish, the actress candidly talked about what she does in the kitchen and what she eats, in short, her diet. Hold up, it isn't one that's unachievable because she's just human like everyone else.


First, she talked about her "vices," which were more like guilty pleasures. French fries and wine are the things she couldn't let go, even for some sweet chocolate dessert. See how she's like everyone else who have things they can't just remove from their system?

For wine, her favorite is Tignanello, so much so that she named her now-deleted blog The Tig. Aside from this, she also likes French cabs, Oregon pinot noirs, and Argentinian Malbecs. On French fries, meanwhile, Markle's diet isn't exactly all about this oily food.

What she often eats for breakfast are omelette with cheese and herbs and a toast. It's during lunch when she munches on some French fries with seafood. For dinner, she has something lighter, like soup.

"I'm always hoping I'm having lunch with people, so we can share fries. It's its own food group for me," Markle said.

Healthy Food Choices

Now, after her "vices," the healthier choices, especially during production season. Like what's indicated in most diets nowadays, Markle had also been drinking hot water with fresh lemon upon waking up, which is usually before the sun rises, thanks to early call times for shoots.

Along with that are oats with banana and agave syrup for breakfast. For lunch, she'd have salad. Markle also drinks green juices, which she touts as "a food-as-medicine philosophy."

For the ultimate secret to her glowing skin, it is adhering to a gluten-free diet and almonds. Markle admitted she noticed wonderful changes on her skin on camera as well as with her energy in work when she removed gluten from her diet.

Of course, she's not strict about it, as she revealed she doesn't pass on pasta when traveling. As for almonds, as well as another one of her favorite almond butter, it is no secret that these have the good fats and are actually healthy. Furthermore, this nut is a very filling snack, perfect for in-between meals.