Meghan Markle has a fondness of Givenchy since her wedding day, but the recent affair saw her wearing an elegant dress from Prada.

More than a month had passed, and it seems that Markle is fitting in just right in royal events. Since tying the knot with Prince Harry, the 36-year-old has been under the microscope of the public, scrutinizing her style, poise, and just everything about her.

That means people anticipate her during public events, and that includes her outfits. Die-hard fans of the Duchess of Sussex well know that she often opts for Givenchy, as it was what she wore during her big day as well as when she first had a day out with Queen Elizabeth II. On Tuesday, when she attended the Queen's Young Leaders Awards in Buckingham Palace, she went for the Italian designer Prada.

Markle wore a muted pink double breasted dress that was adorned with buttons from Prada. She paired this one with black Aquazzura pointed pumps and black clutch. She obviously opted to accessorize less because, well, less is more, and obviously, her dress is already enough to catch onlookers' attention.

Hair And Makeup

More interesting, though, was that Markle opted for a bouncy, voluminous hairdo for the event. She had always been seen in a bun, either messy or neat. Notably, she wore her hair down during one appearance with the queen to Cheshire earlier this month, and she got lambasted for it primarily because it got messy because of the wind.

At the time, she had bigger curls compared to Tuesday's event. Markle also had more makeup this time than her wedding day and even in her last appearance, showing rosier, shinier cheeks. Queen Elizabeth, meanwhile, again opted for a more colorful dress for the event. The 92-year-old donned a mint and yellow floral dress that oozes freshness.

While Queen Elizabeth is obviously sticking to her colorful wardrobe, Markle is keeping it classy and elegant with muted and neutral outfits. Probably one of her colorful outfits is the one she wore during the wedding of Prince Harry's cousin Celia McCorquodale to George Woodhouse this month when she wore a white with blue floral print flowy dress from Oscar de la Renta.

Her Tuesday's dress, however, has a lot of similarity with the light pink buttoned outfit she wore during the garden party. Both had buttons, albeit the newer one has more than the other. The garden party dress bore her shoulders, while the recent one didn't. Still, some pointed out that both gave off the same vibe.