'Straddling,' The Instagram Pose That's Becoming A Hit Among Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, models, and influencers are doing the "straddling" pose on Instagram today and it's gaining attention on social media.

Clueless about what celebrities are digging nowadays? Head on over to Instagram, a hot pot of all things trending. While people may be aware of the "Barbie feet," there's a new pose that's ultimately going to make everyone get that Insta-worthy photo.

The pose is called straddling, where women need to slightly kneel down. Legs should be spread wide apart, but others opt to not open their legs too much. The reason for this is to give off an illusion of wider hips.

The flattering pose can also make one's tummy look flatter and the chest, larger, and everything else curvier. There's no doubt why celebrities, models, and influencers are hooked to this pose, though it is worth noting that it takes a brave soul to do this.

It's essentially called as such because it makes people look like they're straddling a horse, only in a sexy manner. Some have dubbed it as a provocative pose. Meanwhile, a lot of celebrities have done this while in their bikinis, while some with their gym attire.

Personalities Doing The 'Straddling' Pose

In late June, Kardashian shared a mirror selfie that showed her slaying the straddle pose. Wearing a black g-string and a gray top, she took some time off what seemed to be fitting some clothes to get that photo.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also proved she's good in striking the straddling pose in literally everywhere. The 36-year-old has done this along the seashore while looking afar and even beside a paddle board.

She's not the only high-profile personality that had tried the straddling pose. Her half-sister, Jenner, had given it a twist by opting for a more artsy thought. The 20-year-old make-up maven decided to leave some for the imagination when she uploaded her photo on a paddle boat, with only her silhouette stealing the eyes of onlookers away from the scenic backdrop.

Others who have done a different yet feisty take on the straddling pose are model Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin, and Romee Strijd. This just follows the Barbie feet trend that has taken the photo-sharing app by storm.

This pose, meanwhile, is called as such because it entails one to copy a Barbie doll's feet. Notice how the doll have default arched feet even without their shoes? That's what's being mimicked with this pose.

While the straddling pose is all about flattering the curves, the Barbie feet elongates the legs. Of course, the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have tried this, too.

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