Instagrammer Gets Bitten By A Nurse Shark While Taking A Photo


For some people, getting the perfect Instagram shot comes effortlessly, but for a woman, it entailed getting a bite from a nurse shark.

Katarina Zarutskie, an Instagram influencer, unfortunately had learned that not all great photos are worth sacrificing for after she got a bite from a nurse shark. Don't get her wrong: she has been to many places and shares her experience through Instagram.

Just one look at her feed and one will definitely know she's bitten by the travel bug. Buzzfeed reports that Zarutskie had been modeling since she was 14, and she has gained quite a following on the photo-sharing app, amassing nearly 45,000 followers as of writing, and it's not because of the bots that automatically adds followers for an account.

This University of Miami student's travels are smoothly displayed in her aesthetically pleasing feed, which may have caught the attention of the many wanderers of the world, hence the following. That means going to the rich, scenic beaches of the world, including the latest trip to the Bahamas, where she and her boyfriend and his family took some time off their busy schedules to unwind.

However, little did Zarutskie know that she'll experience something unimaginable. During the trip, curiosity got the best of this Instagram influencer when she saw nurse sharks swimming. She was further enticed to go to the waters with the creatures after she allegedly saw other people swimming with them too.

So at first thought, these nurse sharks were harmless. Add to that the many posts she had seen in social media of people swimming with these, so basically she thought she too can get that perfect shot with them, which, of course, would be perfect for her Instagram feed.

Harmless, But ...

To be fair, a lot of people are really opting to swim with nurse sharks in the Bahamas. As per National Geographic, these creatures are generally "harmless to humans," given that they don't get stepped on or be bothered by swimmers.

While her boyfriend's family became worried with her decision to swim with the nurse sharks, Zarutskie continued to try her luck and have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. One photo showed her floating calmly in the waters with the animals swimming underneath her.

However, another photo showed splashes and her arm above the water. It turned out that one nurse shark bit her arm and dragged her underneath, and a photo captured how the animal's mouth was on her arm.

Fortunately, Zarutskie knows how to stay calm during these times. Instead of panicking, she immediately stood and raised her arm to stop the blood from dripping into the water to avoid attracting the animals. She endured a bit in one arm and had to take antibiotics for it, but she's thankful because she still has her arm.

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