Move over, swan floats. Here comes the perfect pool float made by Missoni in collaboration with Funboy that will be the ultimate accessory for summer selfies.

Summer is here, which means pool parties are coming in hot left and right. Of course, selfies wouldn't be missed on these occasions, and so are floats that arrive in colorful and unique patterns. Gone are the days when swan and flamingo floats take over well-curated Instagram feeds because there is something new that will take the feeds by storm, and that's the butterfly colorful float.

This team up of Missoni and Funboy brings butterfly-shaped floats that have the former brand's trademark prints. The wings of the floats are designed with orange, green, red, yellow, and purple patches, making it picture-perfect under the sun. But wait, there's more. The other side of the float has a different color scheme, and will be suitable if one isn't feeling the warmer hues on the other side.

The other side has blue, purple, green, and light blue colors that suit well with the aquatic scheme. Either side packs vivid hues that will obviously be scene-stealers in pool parties. What's more, it will be perfect for selfies this summer. The butterfly pool float is sold for $148 on

"Our family has always been transfixed by Missoni's use of color and geometric shapes and we knew it would translate into an incredible three dimensional pool float," Funboy cofounder Blake Barrett said, and added she reached the creative director of the other brand via direct message.

Emergence Of Pool Floats

Funboy have been releasing colorful floats that are perfect accessories for pool selfies. One look at the brand's Instagram and one will definitely see a wide array of floats in different shapes and colors.

From crowns, to sharks, to seahorses, and to huge lips, Funboy has created such unique designs that easily capture attention with just one look. To be fair, pool floats have become a hit the past few years.

In the Philippines, there is the Inflatable Island, basically made of huge floats where people can play while afloat water. Part of this park is the Unicorn Island, where slides and rainbow walks, and a lot more can be explored. To sum it up, the whole place is a floating playground.

While unicorn may sound magical, there are other pool float releases that are just eyebrow-raising. A fine example of which is Kim Kardashian's butt emoji, a little NSFW and certainly attention-grabber. It was released last year and was sold for $98.