Winnie Harlow has been making a buzz of late because of her selfies. People are admiring her latest makeup-free photos on Instagram for being nothing short of beautiful.

Summer is here, and Harlow's recent Instagram selfies are giving all the reason to love the season even more. Wearing a white bikini top and red bottoms slightly covered with denim shorts, the America's Next Top Model alum is proving her effortless modeling talent shines through with and without the help of cosmetics.

As she posed against a fence, what definitely stole everyone's attention was her bare face. Harlow was undeniably beautiful even without makeup and as the sun hit her smooth skin. Of course, fans did not hold back in showing their admiration of their idol.

"Girl you didn't need it your so perfect," @lizzy_390 said, pertaining to makeup.

This sentiment echoed a lot of the comments in the photos, and it was not hard to guess why people find her beautiful even when she's makeup-free. This may be why some people are looking for ways to know her skincare routine.

Skincare Routine

At least as per her 2017 interview with Elle, Harlow has been a fan of Shea Radiance's black soap, which she admitted is the only soap she uses. The 23-year-old all the more fell in love with the product after learning that the company gets its materials from Africa and that the women who make them gets paid fairly.

"It's hard to find products that are good for the planet and your skin, but they have such a good background I don't mind talking about them, even for free," Harlow said.

Harlow stressed that the mentioned soap has become her favorite. Apart from that, she also uses Avene water mist and face lotion, as well as tea tree oil with water as her toner.

Recent Blunder

However, her makeup-free selfies aren't the only reason Harlow has been on the news of late. She was a guest at the recent Canadian Grand Prix, where she prematurely waved the chequered flag.

The model starred in the gaffe after what was touted as a miscommunication between race officials. Apparently, Harlow was handed the flag a lap early of the 70-lap race, but Formula 1's Ross Brawn cleared the Canadian personality's name, saying it wasn't her fault.

The race's winner, Sebastian Vettel, said his concern was mostly on the people who might have gotten hurt because of the early celebration. He said that he was lucky he had tracked the number of laps and said it was fortunate that people, who might have jumped onto the track to celebrate, were safe.