Tyra Banks Gushes About 'Beautiful, Striking' ANTM Cycle 21 Contestant Chantelle Brown-Young, Thanks Fans For 'Good A** Ratings' Of Show's Premiere Episode

Tyra Banks is very proud of her long-running model search television series, and more than anything, she's also proud of her ability to spot a promising model.

In a recent interview with E! News,' the 40-year-old former supermodel gushed about one of the "America's Next Top Model" show's instant fan-favorite contenders Chantelle Brown-Young.

"She's absolutely beautiful," Banks said of the 20-year-old aspiring model, who was diagnosed with vitiligo - a non-contagious and non-threatening skin condition that is characterized by the loss of skin color in botches.

"We were looking [for contestants] and I just kept seeing this girl pop up, this beautiful, striking girl," the "Life-Size" actress added.

The famous television personality revealed that in order for them to cast Brown-Young on the show, she had to ask her crew to look for the 20-year-old and ask her to join the second "Guys & Girls" edition of ANTM.

"I reached out to her myself and told my team, 'Find her! I want her here in a week.'" Banks said.

Fortunately, all her hard work paid off when Chantelle agreed to appear on the reality model search competition.

Interestingly, Brown-Young's involvement on the reality modelling competition quickly inspired many show fans, including E! News' Terrence Jenkins.

"She inspired me when I saw photos of her," Jenkins said of the aspiring model, who was often teased as "zebra" or "cow" back in school. "I was like wow! She inspired me to show my spots instead of covering it up with makeup all the time."

Prior to joining the show, Brown-Young was already making a name for herself through her Instagram alter-ego account @winnieharlow, according to Fstoppers.

On her social media account, Chantelle posted her modeling photos from her gigs. Furthermore, she was also recently revealed to be the face of Desigual's Autumn-Winter 2014 campaign.

Apart from Brown-Young, the other contestants and the novelty of the brand new cycle proved to be very effective in ensuring the show's stellar ratings.

On Tuesday, Aug. 19, a day after the pilot episode of "ANTM: Guys & Girls" second season aired, Banks took to Twitter to thank both the loyal and new fans of the show for the very promising ratings.

"'TyTy, Good A** Ratings!!!' The report I received this morn about #ANTMCycle21 premiere episode ratings! Yay!!! Thx so much!!!" the "Coyote Ugly" star wrote on Twitter, along with a thumb's up emoji.

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