It's 2018 and new definitions of beauty emerged. However, for gorgeous model Winnie Harlow, the modeling industry still needs more work.

Although many are celebrating for the diversity and inclusiveness today in the modeling industry, there are still things that need improvement. For Harlow, who was a product of Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model, admitted she was asked to model by a lot of her friends when she was younger but it wasn't something she thought of really focusing on.

But more and more people started appreciating her modeling skills, thanks to Instagram's popularity, she gave the craft a chance. Harlow admitted she wasn't one to imagine that someone with a vitiligo, her condition, could land on the cover of a magazine.

Fast forward to now, Harlow is celebrating how far the battle for inclusiveness has come through, but she noted the work's not finished.

"When it comes to inclusiveness, [the modeling industry] still has a lot of work to do," she said.

Hairstylists And Makeup Artists

She cited a very common misconception believed by some makeup artists and hairdressers. Harlow narrated how some hairstylists oftentimes regard all black's hair as the same.

Harlow isn't the first one to air her concern when it comes to stylists who have no idea of handling hairs of black women. Banks revealed that she almost didn't make the cut to be a Victoria's Secret model when the hairstylist had no idea how to manage her African-American hair.

For makeup artists, Harlow underlined the need for more skilled ones who can work with dark skin tones. The model cited her recent experience during the Fashion Week where she saw the lack of colors of makeup for her tone. Model Duckie Thot in February admitted she carries with her own foundation which will be used if in case they don't get the right shade.

Key To The Problem

The solution to this problem is education. Harlow stressed the need to constantly and continuously educate everyone. As an example, Evening Standard's caption of her as a "vitiligo sufferer" totally hurt her. In the end, she left a note that everyone's beautiful.

She penned quite a lengthy caption that explained that she's not a sufferer like how the media outlet described her. Harlow lambasted closed minded people who don't seem to appreciate each one's differences and who only have one beauty standard.