In addition to sunlight and smoking, a lot of things making the skin, especially the face to look older. And many believe that foundation is one of the solutions. But it is not always true. A lot of mistakes in foundation usage instead of beautifying and rejuvenating face it makes the face look older.

According to Allure, less-is-more is the best solution. Do not cover the whole skin color. Foundation is not a mask. This Is Powder also added that the redundant foundation can sink into the lines and even emphasize them. A sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer is the best option. In addition, Good Housekeeping recommended to apply it only in the areas that require coverage like the T-zone: cheek area and around the nose, sometimes the chin, and around the lips. After it is applied, press a damp makeup sponge into wrinkles areas to soak up any excess foundation or moisturizer. Thus, the key to youthful makeup is well-hydrated fresh skin.

Foundation that is paler than the natural complexion, it also exaggerates fine lines. It is recommended to choose one or two shades darker tone and has luminescent particles. For the skin under the eyes, it gets thinner as people age, and any coverage will blotch and crease. Thus, keep the concealer light and apply it with a brush. It is because brush spreads the color more evenly. And put only on dark areas, not under the entire eye.