Finding the perfect foundation can sometimes feel next to impossible. There are so many factors to consider: your skin tone, your skin undertones, your skin type, the season, how much you tan or burn, how much coverage you need, what texture you prefer...the list goes on. I find it incredibly frustrating, and I have it fairly easy: although I have some acne and redness, I can usually count on the second or third palest foundation in any given collection matching my skin tone pretty well, even if it doesn't have the coverage or texture I'm looking for.

Needless to say, I was excited to get the chance to try out Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation. It's both a beauty service and a beauty product: you make a video chat appointment with a Prescriptives PX Beauty Genius to talk about your skin and your foundation needs and come up with the perfect custom foundation. The service is especially recommended for people with very pale or very dark skin, or if those who have trouble finding a foundation they love.

Unfortunately, the video chat feature was down when I tried out the service, but I was still able to talk with my PX Beauty Genius, Bobby, via text-based chat and email. I sent a #nomakeupselfie (far from #flawless) and talked about my skin's weird quirks and my dream foundation goals. I was pleasantly surprised by how much customization is offered: along with the color and level of coverage, you can customize the finish and add ingredients for oil control, hydrating, firming and evening. When I wasn't sure what I was looking for regarding some aspects of the foundation - like hydration - Bobby was happy to give an opinion and expert advice.

When I got my foundation in the mail a few days later, I found it matched my skin tone better than any I've tried and stayed on longer than I expected. I even got complimented on my skin - a rare occurrence for me! Some might hesitate to try the service because of the time commitment and price ($55-75), but if you don't have a foundation you're happy with, the level of care Prescriptives puts into developing your custom foundation can definitely pay off. If you're not happy with the finished product, you can send it back for adjustments as often as it takes - though I'm told that that rarely happens, and I believe it!

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