Yara Shahidi's Makeup-Free Selfie Shows Off Her Natural Beauty

Yara Shahidi's makeup-free selfie proves that she is the queen of radiant, glowing skin. It also means that she looks beautiful with or without the help of cosmetics.

The teen is known to have the freshest face in the industry and her recent bare-faced selfie is a testament to her glowing skin that cannot be credited to just highlighters and tons of makeup. The photo was uploaded on Thursday and it has since garnered more than 300,000 likes.

The closeup photo of Shahidi, star of Black-ish and Grown-ish, showed her skin looking dewy as her face gets hit by the sun. To add a little creativity to the photo, apart from her effortless artsy pose, flowers were neatly placed on her hair. Her going makeup-free nowadays is understandable and is a practical move, too.

Fans' Reactions

"Your skin is ridiculously amazing doll!! Just keep being gorgeous inside and out because I am here for it!" user @miss.mariqua commented.

A lot of people have been requesting her to spill her skincare routine, too. Fans flock and scramble to the comment section of her most recent Instagram post to wait for her to answer their queries about her beauty secrets. Some even were persistent with the requests.

Skincare Secret

But look no further as she might have revealed the secret to her glowing, ever-radiant skin recently. Shahidi underlined the importance of washing her face, which she said was an advice from her mom. But as much as this was vital, finding the perfect cleanser is also as essential as the process.

Like everyone else, the model admitted she had undergone the trial and error phase when it comes to finding the perfect product. But one of the things that worked for her is the Burt's Bees Oil Cleanser. She also uses vitamin E oil or some fresh aloe vera if she runs out of her products.

Makeup-free Celebs

It's summer and the humid, hot days are coming. It's hard not to feel irritated with melting cosmetics on one's face, even more with the oily look that was supposed to be dewy. There are many celebrities who are opting for the natural look, like Emmy Rossum, who weeks ago showed just how gorgeous she still is even without the help of makeups.

But for Shahidi, this wasn't the first time the 18-year-old showcased her naturally glowing skin. After all, she is part of the Aerie Real campaign that champions body positivity, and her being an ambassador only meant that she had used her voice as a means to empower women as well.

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