Fans of Jessica Chastain will see her this summer sporting a chin-length layered bob, which might be the perfect choice for this season.

A lot of celebrities nowadays have been opting to stay makeup-free, as the incoming warmer days are up ahead. Moreover, it would be as logical to cut one's hair as well to brace for the season. After all, it will be easier to manage and may not need styling at all. The latest to have her hair chopped is Chastain, who most fans have known to have stayed firm with her long locks.

The Interstellar star took to Instagram to share to her supporters her newest look, a layered bob that might probably become a hit. The haircut was by Renato Campora, who has also worked with Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, and Amanda Seyfried, among many others. So clearly, Chastain was in good hands, and the result was nothing short of beautiful.