Selena Gomez's music video for "Back To You" is out, and apart from the song itself, it is her bob haircut that had everyone talking. Luckily, her stylist spilled the deets.

"Back To You" is filled with the '60s vibe and Gomez's retro look is one for the books. As a disclaimer, the bob isn't a wig, if that's what some are saying. So for the juicy bits of her hair, stylist Danielle Priano graciously provided Popsugar the secrets.

First, Priano revealed that Gomez is actually involved in pretty much all her creative projects, and even in how she was styled. That means she always have an idea of how she wants things to look like, and that is the same with the "Back To You" music video.

"She wanted the look to feel dated [but] with a modern twist," the stylist said.

Gomez's Bangs

Now, a bob haircut is one thing, but bangs are a whole other thing. While bangs can help make a statement, it entails commitment. Fringes won't grow overnight or would take time to be styled, so basically it is something one should really want to have.

While Gomez's vintage bob may look like it was done for hours, it actually wouldn't take a genius to do it. One can easily copy the look in just 20 minutes. Priano suggested the look for those with an oval face, saying the key to hairstyles is proportion. For the hair's texture, the stylist said those with the straight and wavy hair could best sport Gomez's bob.

Meanwhile, having bangs could also mean hairs clumping up, no-thanks to humidity. To solve that, Priano advised using dry shampoo at the roots of the fringes. This could greatly help in absorbing the oil every time one sweats.

Now, if Gomez's bob somehow inspired her fans to finally get a bob haircut, Priano laid out some instructions on the best way to style the cut to imbibe the singer's aura. The key product here is a mousse.

The mousse should be applied from the roots to tip and afterward, the hair should be blow-dried using a round brush while working on rolling the hair inwards. That's just about it.

Interestingly, Gomez has been quite experimental with her locks since last year. In November, the "Wolves" singer had some major hair color change when she chose to go blonde, letting everyone see it at the red carpet of the American Music Awards.