How To Make Perfume Last Longer On Skin
How To Make Perfume Last Longer On Skin
Perfume is a mood lifter for many and the final accessory to any outfit. Learn how to make perfume last longer with these expert tips.
How To Tell If Your Perfume Is Already Expired
How To Tell If Your Perfume Is Already Expired
How do you tell if your perfume is already expired? Perfumers teach you how.
Beauty World News - Jo Malone Is Bringing an Affordable Luxe Fragrance Line to Zara
Jo Malone Partners with Zara to Release Budget-Friendly Fragrance Line
Perfume lovers, rejoice! Jo Malone has collaborated with Zara to launch Zara Emotions by Jo Loves, a budget-friendly fragrance collection!
Adult Advent Calendar
5 Best Beauty Adult Advent Calendars To Give This Season 2019
Here are 5 best beauty adult advent calendars that will excite and surprise any receiver each day with all the goodies their heart craves this season of 2019.
 Kardashian Sisters Team Up For A KKW Fragrance Collection
Kourtney, Khloe, And Kim Kardashian Team Up For A KKW Fragrance Collection
The Kardashian Sisters Team Up For A KKW Fragrance Collection
woman holding holiday box
The Most Animated Beauty Collabs are Coming This Holiday Season!
Tickle your inner child with these makeup collections launching for a limited time only this holiday season!
three perfume bottles
Choosing Perfumes Based on Zodiac: Earth and Water Signs [PART 2]
How do you choose a fragrance based on your zodiac sign? Read on.
perfume bottles
Choosing Fragrances Based on Astrology: Fire and Air Signs [PART 1]
Wear a scent that best matches traits known to your astrological sign.
woman smelling fragrance
Does Your Perfume Have Cannabis? Here are 5 Fragrances that Do!
Cannabis is taking over fragrances. Here's what you need to know about it.
Jerome Epinette
Who's Behind Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next Perfume? This Man!
Ariana Grande partners with a luxury perfumer to create her trademark fragrance. What's new in Ariana Grande Thank U Next Perfume?
Woman smelling perfume
Smell It! 15 Best Natural, Organic and Vegan Perfumes
Looking for alternative scents that will not irritate your skin? If you have fragrance sensitivity or going green, these are the scents for you.
J Lo Fragrance Promise
Jennifer Lopez Launches Perfume 'Promise' After Super Bowl Announcement
Jennifer Lopez hit two birds with one stone in a single day, as she launches her 25th perfume hours after her Super Bowl Announcement.
Winners Of The 2018 Fragrance Foundation Awards Announced
The Fragrance Foundation Awards recognized some of the industry's best ones during the annual celebration. Glossier You was regarded as the Most Popular.
Ariana Grande Has A New Perfume Coming Soon
Ariana Grande is subtly dropping major bombs this week about her career, love life, and the most recent one, her perfume. Through Instagram Stories, she teased her fans that a cloud-shaped perfume is on its way.
Women of Color To Redefine American Beauty Standard
On the International Women's Day, women are standing up for each other to redefine the American beauty standard.
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