Fendi fragrance
Fendi La Baguette Fragrance
(Photo : Fendi)

Italian luxury fashion house Fendi has debuted its inaugural fine fragrance collection, marking a significant expansion into the scents industry.

The collection, consisting of seven distinct fragrances, serves as a homage to the legacy of the Fendi family, the driving force behind the iconic label.

Each scent was bestowed with a name resonant of the fashion house's rich heritage, including evocative titles such as Perche No, Ciao Amore, Sempre Mio, La Baguette, and Dolce Bacio.

Drawing inspiration from pivotal figures within the Fendi dynasty, the fragrances encapsulate the essence of the brand's narrative. 

Collaborating with esteemed perfumers, each scent embodies the essence of its namesake, from matriarch Adele Casagrande Fendi to contemporary artistic director Kim Jones.

Of particular note is La Baguette, a fragrance paying homage to the iconic Fendi bag of the same name. Infused with notes of iris and vanilla, it encapsulates the timeless allure of the renowned accessory, immortalizing its legacy in olfactory form.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand's creative director, expressed enthusiasm for the collection, emphasizing its role in enriching the brand's storytelling palette. 

"The fragrance collection tells the story of Fendi from another point of view," Silvia said. "It expresses the essence of the Maison in a different way, by telling its story in a different language. Today, at Fendi, we can readily say that we have explored and used all the senses."

The fragrances are poised to occupy the ultra-luxe segment, reflecting Fendi's commitment to uncompromising quality and sophistication. 

Scheduled for release on June 20, these exquisite fragrances will be available for purchase both in Fendi boutiques and online.