Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 48 Perfume Mist

(Photo : Sol de Janeiro)

Sol de Janeiro, the Brazilian-inspired beauty brand renowned for its vibrant and tropical scents, has introduced its latest fragrance -- Cheirosa 48 Perfume Mist. 

This new product commemorates the year 1948, when the bikini first made its appearance on Brazilian beaches. The Cheirosa 48 Perfume Mist aims to encapsulate the liberating and joyful spirit of that era. 

The scent profile of Cheirosa 48 is a fruity gourmand. It opens with top notes of guava nectar and coconut water, transitions to middle notes of sunlit orchid, lemon twist, and wild orris, and finishes with dry notes of pink musk and vanilla cloud. This combination creates a fragrance reminiscent of tropical escapes and sunny beaches.

"To capture the vacation aesthetic, I turned to uplifting top notes like lemon zest and pink pepper, then added bold florals with a very gourmand back: think, cotton candy, vanilla, and musks. This bottles up the truly joyful, feel-good spirit of a getaway," Jerome Epinette, the perfumer behind the fragrance, shared.

Cheirosa, which means "smelling delicious" in Portuguese, aptly describes this new addition to Sol de Janeiro's lineup. 

The perfume mist is designed to evoke the essence of wearing a bikini and enjoying poolside cocktails, living up to its inspiration from the iconic year when the bikini was first seen in Brazil.

The perfume mist is priced at $38 for a 240-milliliter bottle. Its vibrant and colorful packaging reflects the brand's playful and sunny aesthetic, making it a fitting accessory for summer days.

Sol de Janeiro's fragrance mists have become popular among consumers, especially during the summer months. 

The brand's previous offerings, such as the Cheirosa 62 with notes of pistachio, almond, and salted caramel, and the Cheirosa 68 with musk, jasmine, and vanilla, have received positive reviews for their uplifting and mouthwatering scents.

The Cheirosa 48 Perfume Mist is now available at Ulta. Its launch is anticipated to quickly attract a dedicated following, much like its predecessors. 

For those looking to capture the essence of a Brazilian summer, the Cheirosa 48 promises a sensory journey to the sunlit shores of Rio de Janeiro.