Victoria's Secret Bare Magnolia Eau De Parfum
Bare Magnolia Eau De Parfum
(Photo : Victoria's Secret)

Victoria's Secret has announced the expansion of its Bare Eau De Parfum collection with a new scent: Bare Magnolia.

This latest addition aims to offer a personalized fragrance experience that interacts with the wearer's body chemistry to produce a unique and lasting aroma.

Victoria's Secret Bare Magnolia is marketed as a blend of key ingredients, including upcycled orange flower, magnolia wood, and vanilla musk. The combination is designed to create a warm scent that evolves with the individual's natural scent. 

The scent profile of Bare Magnolia is described as a creamy floral. It opens with the bright yet delicate aroma of orange flower. This particular note is upcycled, derived from the distilled water used in the production of essential oils from the tree, emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainability. 

At the heart of the fragrance is magnolia wood, which is said to provide a luminous floralcy and textured comfort. The base note of vanilla musk adds a subtly sweet and smooth finish, blending seamlessly with the musks for a warm, comforting effect.

Victoria's Secret highlights that Bare Magnolia is intended to radiate like a comforting light, with a natural and delicate aroma that is long-lasting. This makes it a versatile addition to the Bare collection, suitable for a variety of occasions and settings.

The Bare Magnolia Eau De Parfum is now available for purchase on the Victoria's Secret website. The product is priced at $59.95 for a 50-milliliter (1.7 ounces) bottle. 

This addition to the Bare collection continues Victoria's Secret's tradition of creating fine fragrances that emphasize both quality and individuality.

This new fragrance joins the existing line of Bare Eau De Parfum products, which have been well-received for their unique ability to blend with the wearer's body chemistry. 

The introduction of Bare Magnolia expands the options for consumers looking for a personal and intimate scent that evolves naturally with their skin. 

For those interested in purchasing the new Bare Magnolia, it is available on Victoria's Secret's website.