LavenderCredit : Pexels/Pixabay

ScentAir has broadened its range of auto fragrances by introducing two innovative odor-neutralizing scents: Cannabis Neutralizer and Emerald Meadows with Pet Calming Complex.

Crafted for long-lasting freshness, each pack contains pre-scented discs that can emit fragrance for up to a month in any small space or vehicle.

Both scents effectively eliminate odors at the molecular level and ensure a consistently pleasant atmosphere by harnessing ScentAir's proprietary technology.

Cannabis Neutralizer, priced at $55, offers a medium strength scent with a citrus family and floral subfamily. It neutralizes cannabis odors while leaving behind a refreshing blend of white tea, light fruits, and subtle amber. Imagine a stroll through a citrus grove on a breezy day.

Meanwhile, Emerald Meadows with Pet Calming Complex, also priced at $55, boasts a medium strength and falls within the fresh family with a fruity subfamily. The product effectively neutralizes odors while soothing pets with its engineered pheromones and natural botanicals.

Particularly focusing on pet owners, the portable version of Emerald Meadows aims to foster a soothing environment for pets during travel or in unfamiliar surroundings. Its scent profile encompasses green apple, lemongrass, lavender, amber, and sandalwood notes, evoking a comfortable afternoon with a sweet surprise.

Evin Ellis, director of global marketing and ecommerce at ScentAir, highlighted in a press release the versatility of these new offerings and emphasized their suitability for compact spaces beyond automobiles and recreational vehicles.

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