(Photo : Hive & Colony)

Bespoke men's clothier Hive & Colony has unveiled its latest venture into luxury with the launch of a brand-new, exclusive fragrance. 

Sartor, now available at all Hive & Colony showrooms, marks a significant expansion for the renowned made-to-order menswear company.

The name "Sartor" draws inspiration from the term "sartorialist," reflecting the brand's ethos rooted in garment construction and alteration. 

According to Brittanie Gigler, head of product development and design at Hive & Colony, this choice resonates with both the individuality of their clientele and the collective identity of the brand.

Crafted to evoke warmth, power, and imagination, Sartor features a captivating blend of notes including spiced sandalwood, cardamom, cedarwood, violet, fig, and vanilla. These elements combine to create a fragrance that exudes elegance and sensuality, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Hive & Colony.

The Sartor bottle itself is a work of art, blending different metals and textures to achieve a distinctive aesthetic. 

Its magnetic cap not only ensures practicality but also adds to its allure, while the matte green color and subtle texture evoke a sense of luxury akin to a precious jewel.

Accompanying the fragrance is the Sartor Box, designed to provide a touch of opulence with its soft green velvet interior. 

This packaging reflects Hive & Colony's commitment to curated fashion experiences and serves as a keepsake embodying the brand's essence long after the fragrance is gone.

To celebrate the launch of Sartor, Hive & Colony hosted a special event on Tuesday at its SoHo showroom in New York. 

The immersive experience offered signature beverages that had a taste of the various fragrance notes alongside intriguing visual elements that tell the story of Sartor.

Sartor is exclusively available for purchase at Hive & Colony showrooms, reinforcing the brand's dedication to offering unique and tailored experiences to its discerning clientele.