Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks New M&S Fragrance, Reveals Favorite Smells
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley revealed that she's recently fulfilled a longtime dream by creating her own fragrance.
adidas Originals Teams Up with Jeremy Scott for latest scent
Sports apparel brand adidas Originals has announced the launch of its collaborative fragrance with fashion designer Jeremy Scott.
New Year, New You: 20 Ideas For New Year's Beauty Resolutions 2015
Want some inspiration to spark your own New Year's beauty resolutions? Check these out and take your pick:
First EVER Collegiate Branded Beauty Line: Meet Pride & Glory
Get ready for the first ever collegiate branded beauty line! Meet Pride and Glory. Nationally recognized beauty guru and beauty expert of over 20 years, Jennifer Walsh conceived the line of of soap, shower gel, hand wash, hand cream and body lotion, all made in the United States. Pride and Gl...
Research Shows Beauty Products Offer Great Way To Relieve Stress
Sometimes as beauty junkies,we can be guilted into thinking that our love for beauty products is overindulgent or even pointless. But new research can prove our haters wrong! Data Monitor Consumer reports that personal care products can help to relieve stress and truly soothe the senses. With ...
Top Professional Pitfalls: 5 Beauty Mistakes Not To Make At Work
It is possible to look pretty in a professional setting, but there's always that co-worker that takes things a little too far. Check out our five biggest beauty blunders for the office and tell us if you or someone you know is guilty of committing these professional pitfalls:
Beauty Blunders To Avoid: 5 Things Not To Do This Fall With Your Makeup & Skin Care
A new season is always exciting to prepare for, but sometimes we can all get a little too carried away. Fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us and with the new crisp air, here are five tips to keep in mind before you go overboard:
Get Ready Quickly: Beauty On-The-Go Tips For The Busy Woman
Don't you just hate when you're running late and have to sacrifice your makeup in order to make up time? We hear you. Sitting around the beauty roundtable in our office, our team members each offered up helpful ways to try and get ready for the day in no time flat. Use these tips when you're f...
The Top 5 Fragrances To Try This Fall
It's official, fall is here and that means it's time to store away all those summer fragrances. But while you may be packing up the ocean breeze scents and pina colada infused perfumes, you can't just jump into heavy woodsy and amber winter fragrances either.
Animal Testing & Beauty Products: Animal Right Activist Seeks To Ban The Practice Part 2
It's an uncomfortable subject for many, but one that is getting more and more attention from the public. Animal testing and beauty products often go hand in hand. Many are now shedding light on the practice, looking to develop all beauty products without it. MIssed Part One of our story? Check i...
Josie Natori Fragrance Launch with LUXE Brands: Fashion Designer Debuts Dynamic Everyday Fragrance
Last week fashion designer, Josie Natori announced her brand new vibrant fragrance, JOSIE. The new perfume offers a certain twist on sensuality with its unique notes and calming scent.
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