Tree Hut Summer Collection

(Photo : Tree Hut)

Tree Hut, known for its popular body care products, has launched its latest summer collection, featuring new product forms and extensions to its Glow Collection.

The highlight of the collection is the introduction of Tree Hut Fragrance Mists, available in Moroccan Rose, Pink Hibiscus, Dewy Daisy, and Aurora Nights.

These fragrance mists are designed to refresh and invigorate with a light level of hydration and an alcohol-free formula, preventing dryness. Each mist is infused with glycerin, a natural humectant, ensuring hydration and conditioning of the skin.

Tree Hut also launched an After-Shave Serum aimed at moisturizing and reducing post-shave irritation. The serums are available in Coco Colada, Watermelon, and Moroccan Rose scents.

Formulated with salicylic and lactic acids, the serums help smooth and renew the skin surface, reducing the appearance of ingrown hairs and rough texture. Tea tree oil is included to soothe skin irritation.

The Moroccan Rose and Watermelon variants are exclusive to Ulta, while Coco Colada is available at both Ulta and Amazon.

In addition to these new products, Tree Hut has expanded its Glow Collection. The extension includes the Tropic Glow Mini Sparkling Gel Wash (exclusive to Ulta and Target), Moonlight Glow Sparkling Gel Wash (exclusive to Target), Ocean Glow Moisturizing Shave Oil (exclusive to Ulta), and Moonlight Glow Moisturizing Shave Oil (exclusive to Target).

An Ocean Glow Hydrating Mist, formulated to hydrate and moisturize the skin with a refreshing marine fragrance, is also part of the collection and is exclusive to Ulta.

"Summer is all about feeling free, showing your skin, and embracing your glow, and our latest offering is designed to do just that," Hazel Smith, associate director of marketing at Tree Hut, remarked. "Fragrance mist has been the most requested item by our community, and we're excited to launch Fragrance Mist for our fans to extend their scent-layered self-care routine,"

"We're also excited for another addition to our line-up, After Shave Serum! It's so great to use after our coveted Shave Oil to soothe, smooth, and hydrate skin for longer-lasting shave results," she added.

Tree Hut's summer collection aims to enhance self-care routines with products that offer hydration, smoothness, and a summer-ready glow.

The collection is now available at Ulta and will soon be available at Target and Walmart.