Kylie Jenner Gets $1M Per Post, Beating Sister Kendall, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez may have the most number of followers and Kendall Jenner may have the feed everyone's aiming for, but it's Kylie Jenner that's making money of each Instagram post the most.

Kylie is a social media superstar, there's no doubt about it. Everyone's grappling for every bit of details about her life through her posts, which may explain everyone's curiosity when she suddenly took a breather from the prying eyes of the internet late last year, when she was heavily reported to be pregnant.

Of course, everybody went wild when the Kylie Cosmetics mogul declared she gave birth to baby Stormi this year. Since then, most people take to her Instagram account to be updated on what's going on with the 20-year-old. That meant she gets to promote stuff that she wants to, and because she has a massive following, there's a higher chance that a lot will see her post.

So news that Kylie may be making $1 million per post on Instagram is not shocking at all. Currently, she has 112 million followers, quite a reach, one can say. But Gomez has far more with 139.7 million fans on the photo-sharing app.

Hopper HQ announced the ranking and announced that Kylie is at the top of the rich list, while the singer only comes in second. That says a lot, especially if the number of followers is factored in. The list was based on the accounts of brands, influencers, and marketing companies, which estimated how much a post costs.

Gomez's sponsored posts are placed at $800,000 each. Popular athlete Cristiano Ronaldo has 137.5 million followers on Instagram, but his post is just at $750,000. Trailing closely in the fourth spot is Kylie's older sister, Kim Kardashian, whose post is valued at $720,000.

Beyonce, meanwhile, is at the fifth spot with $700,000 per post. The "Formation" singer is followed by Dwayne Johnson, $650,000; Justin Bieber, $630,000; Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, $600,000; and Lionel Messi, $500,000. Kendall's posts were priced at $500,000 each.

A Billionaire

Now with the posts of Kylie with an impressively staggering price tag, it's no wonder everyone's hooked with her. She definitely knows how to leverage over her popularity. Add to that, this news came on the heels of her being dubbed the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes.

At 20, she sure has done a lot of things no other young professionals have done, including launching her own makeup line. Kylie stripped Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg off the title, so just imagine how far she had come.

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