Kim Kardashian Responds To Criticisms For Straightening North's Hair Again

Kim Kardashian is standing up for herself after she got mommy-shamed by critics after when straightened her daughter North's hair anew.

Kardashian is again facing backlash with her parenting skills, particularly because of the photo she shared of North on Twitter. For those living under a rock, the KKW Beauty maven isn't a newbie in dealing with haters and naysayers, so her latest move wasn't exactly a shocker, especially since it involved her daughter.

What seemed to be a sweet and awe-inspiring photo of North and daddy Kanye West became a pot of controversy after one Twitter user noted how the child seemed to have straight hair. The fan immediately advised the social media superstar not to alter the curls because it will damage the hair, which the user made clear was based from an experience.

"She is allowed twice a year, on her birthday and birthday party! This pic was taken back in June on her bday," Kardashian clapped back.

So that's it, it's basically a throwback photo, albeit she didn't make it clear in the caption. This wasn't the first time Kardashian defended herself from malicious shamers on the internet. Moreover, this certainly isn't the first time North's straightened hair got backlash. In June, the reality star drew a lot of flak after being spotted in an outing during one sunny day.

While photos that circulated showed the duo having a great time, people noticed how North had straightened hair. They slammed Kardashian for doing such thing to the child's mane, with some citing their own experience of damaged hair all because of altering their textured hair.

More Backlash

What's with Kardashian and hair? North's straightened locks aren't the only thing the 37-year-old got criticized for. During her appearance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, she chose to top of her look with cornrows, or Fulani braids.

She didn't just receive a horde of hideous comments, but she was also accused of cultural appropriation. Some people slammed Kardashian for starting a debate that was too familiar with her fans. In short, she knew she would stir a controversy, yet she decided to sport the look.

After some time of keeping her silence, she finally explained that it was a "twinning moment" between her and North, who said at the time that she wanted to have matching braids with her mommy. Kardashian also declared she knew where the Fulani braids are originally from and that she has much respect for the culture.

Prior to this incident, she had angered the internet in January after she donned Fulani braids and called them "Bo Derek braids," which referenced to a 1979 film. Kardashian seemed to not care at the time of the issue and brushed it off with another photo with a very telling caption of what she felt toward her haters.

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